Virtual Office Programs

Virtual Office Programs

A Virtual Office at Orlando Office Center projects the best possible first impression to your clients by providing a professional image at a fraction of the cost of running a traditional office. Mail and address services, live telephone call answering, reception services, offices on demand, meeting rooms, and a full service business center are all available to you at an affordable price. Perfect for start-up, small and home-based businesses or those looking for risk free expansion into new markets. First impressions count. Whatever your size and business needs, we have a Virtual Office Program to suit you.

Enjoy all of the following benefits of our Virtual Offices:

  • Professional business street address to use as your own
  • Mail and package collection and handling
  • Lobby listing for your company available
  • Company telephone number with professional call answering in your company name
  • Calls transferred to your office, voicemail, home or mobile
  • Out of hours personalized call handling through an automated attendant
  • With our telephone number portability, in and out, your phone number is yours forever

Whether you are just starting a business or opening a satellite office, you can quite literally be up and running in an hour.  We’ve designed and developed our business to suit the ever changing businesses of today.

During the economic downturn over the last few years, a large number of businesses were forced to challenge their needs of traditional office space. A growing number have decided to “go virtual”. Virtual Offices is an industry term used to represent a set of business programs that save businesses on their monthly expenses.  As the slowdown in businesses reduced the number of employees needed many companies found themselves in large office space (and an expense) that they just simply did not need. Some companies subleased or downsized their current space or moved into smaller space at another location. Others merged or joined up with other companies to fill the space they currently had. However a growing number of companies decided to take a non-traditional approach and embraced a Virtual Office presence and now run their businesses from home offices. With the rapid advancements in technology the new worker of today can truly be in all places at once without the need to commute to a central office daily. Studies have proven that a virtual office worker can be just as, if not more, productive as their peers in a traditional office.

For those who have done so, taking the step of moving from a bricks and mortar location to a home office has presented a few challenges.

  • Where do you meet clients?
  • Do you want to list your home address as your business address?
  • Can you always answer your phone or do you need a receptionist?
  • Does your industry require a business address for licensing purposes?
  • Do you have the time to wait around to sign for an overnight package?

Our full service business centers have offices by the hour with phone and internet for as little as $15.00 per hour, meeting rooms and a variety of business support programs. Businesses can utilize programs as needed on a pay as you go basis. The size and central location of our centers make them convenient for mail pickup, quick meetings and are conducive to businesses looking for high end customer service that will still meet their budget. In today’s fast paced world businesses with personalized professional service stand out.

“I looked extensively around the greater Orlando area for the best office option for my solo law practice. After visiting a number of locations, Orlando Office Center won my business without any hesitation. Pam was incredibly straightforward about their business practices, which was a far cry from the worrisome contracts I read from other office options in town. The office space is beautiful and centrally located. Furthermore, working with OOC staff is a pleasure. I have been very pleased with my experience as an Orlando Office Center client.”
~ Anna C. Roush, Attorney, Managing Member, Anna Roush Law

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